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ASB iCommons Mission:

ASB Information Commons’ mission is to empower all users towards creativity and intellectual achievements by ethically leveraging information and technology. We inspire our users to create and communicate through local & global collaboration while striving towards cultural proficiency.

ASB's iCommons:

ASB iCommons is an educational sharing space for collaboration, content creation, readings and study. It replaces the concept of a “Traditional Library” by expanding its uses in form and function. The physical space is flexible and is blended with the virtual world adapting to meet the needs of individuals and group study.

The help desk is supported by an Information Curator and Coach to meet the needs of students from reading, researching or producing multimedia. The Information Commons houses a wide collection of databases, ebooks and print books to engage students in critical thinking and developing sophisticated literacy and information technology skills. Students are expected to use this space and materials respectfully in a way that supports their interests. The Mission and Policy Statement can be found here. Click on the ES- iCommons to get to the Elementary Information Commons

You can contact us with your recommendation or a message

Email: iCommons@asbindia.org

Phone: 022-67727224


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7:40 am - 4:30 pm


Elementary : 91 -22-61313600

Secondary : 91-22- 67727272

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