Infobase- A complete and optimized research solution comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals from sources housed within History, Science and Literature, Health, Issues & Controversies, Science, Cinema and more

Gizmo​s for Science & Math (please do not share this information with the students, for teacher use only contact for more details) Access Expires: 3/1/2021 (Check out the How to start tutorial video -when you log in)

Britannica Encyclopedia US Version and UK Version & Britannica Image Quest.

Brainpop: Provides a wide range of animated, curricular content that supports your learning.

Global Education Research Database: Username: linkedin & Password: 111941 (valid till 20-02-2021)

More than 7 million "full-text" journal articles, Millions of books, articles and images spanning all historical periods, 15,000 Journals, 250,000 theses and dissertations (Masters, Doctoral), Literature in more than 100 languages and more.

JSTOR Video Tutorials :Check out the advanced search and book searching ones!

National Digital Library (India) - is a digital collection of freely accessible thesis, papers, text books, articles, rare books collected from various libraries in India

New York Times: Sign in with your School Account to peruse through the archives and news coverage of recent events.

PowerKnowledge - Life Science

PowerKnowledge Life Science is an online resource specifically designed for learners in middle school. Translation available in over 100 languages to support English Language Learners.

PowerKnowledge - Earth and Space Science

PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science is an online resource specifically designed for learners in grades 3 to 6. Instant Article Translation into over 100 languages supports English Language learners.

Offsite Scientific American Access - (Please check your magic password) Scientific American and Scientific American Mind - Onsite Link- Nature publishing group. This institutional version of Scientific American, is hosted on NPG's e-publishing platform

Tours & Exhibitions

Planet in Action: Welcome to where the world is your playground. Google Earth is a highly detailed 3D representation of our entire planet. Rather than just looking at it, why not play on it! brings you top quality ideas, applications and concepts that will let you experience your planet in a whole new a whole new wa

Digital Field Trip to The Rain-forest: Explore 360 Degree panoramas using Quick time

Science Museum: Explore the home of human ingenuity online. Find out about our objects, arts projects and medical collection, play educational games and discover climate science

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