INKly - (Grade 8- 12)

100 Popular Newspapers from around the world. News articles without advertisement - Easy Search for topics and get perspectives from different newsprint articles from many different countries

Digital news magazine for kids can drive current events conversation. Bottom line: While some articles lack differentiation, and lessons don't always stretch higher-order thinking skills, this site is one of the best options for bringing current events into elementary classrooms. (K-6)

NBC Learn (K-12)

Vast video site offers current, historical content. Bottom line: This is a great source for video-based news, thanks to the huge archive, current events coverage, and teacher-friendly extra links to Newsela articles.

Trustworthy tween news site has cool classroom component. Bottom line: TweenTribune's questions, quizzes, and educator tools can help kids follow and understand the news; its content may work best with younger users.

Stunning photos and in-depth stories of Earth's peoples and wildlife. Bottom line: This large collection of multimedia resources teaches younger students about animals, habitats, countries, and cultures.

Cool STEM articles make for fun, informative reading. Bottom line: Science News for Students articles are free, fascinating, and easy to read.

CNN 10 (6-12)

Digestible and engaging news coverage for kids in 10 minutes. Bottom line: These 10-minute daily video segments can be used as a springboard to deeper discussions around media literacy.

Breaking stories, customizable home page take students inside the news. Bottom line: Although meant for an adult audience, it’s a fantastic tool to explore news stories and research current events.

Knowhere (6 -12)

News site aims to remove, expose political bias with mixed success. Bottom line: This site can make it easier to show students how news gets interpreted from multiple viewpoints, but teachers should encourage students to think critically about Knowhere itself.

KQED Education (Students and Adults)

Excellent multimedia learning hub supports both teachers and students. Bottom line: For those willing to dig around, the site is an exceptional place for both educators and students to find inspirational digital media resources.

Xyza: News for Kids for tween and teens (5-9 Free and Paid)

Subscription-based, kid-friendly news site keeps kids up-to-date. Bottom line: It's a useful starting point to spark interest in the news and build awareness of current events, but not as ideal for teaching media literacy skills.

Newseum (6-12)

Media museum's site offers timely resources mixing history and civics. Bottom line: Filled with primary sources, daily content, and lesson plans, this is a valuable site teaching news and media literacy, especially the value of a free and independent press.

YR Media (8-12)

Dynamic site harnesses creative young talent to speak truth to power. Bottom line: This fresh and socially aware website will draw students in with catchy -- often controversial -- topics, but keep them there with quality content.

Process current events through engaging NYT-style lens. Bottom line: From a trusted news organization with its finger on the pulse of the world, this free resource can be a reliable source of activities and ideas for current event discussions.

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